Why “Twice Treasured”?

“We’re not just selling clothes, shoes, and purses… we’re selling memories”

Here at Twice Treasured, we know that you loved that pair of jeans or that shirt when you purchased them. We know that there are stories behind every item. We at Twice Treasured value those stories and strive to take care of those items while they are with us, finding a new home where they can be treasured again.

Our items are not “well-worn” or “used”. Your possessions (clothing, jewelry, etc.) speak to who you are as a person and we believe that every piece of clothing, every item of jewelry, every pair of shoes, and every purse should be treated as a treasure!

When you consign your items with us, we treasure them as much as you do and we will make sure they are taken care of from the time they enter our store to the time they are purchased by our shoppers.

We also know that sometimes life can be hard and life can throw you for a loop. There are times when we don’t feel treasured as people. At Twice Treasured, we believe that every person has value and we will do our absolute best to treat everyone with dignity and respect and we want every person to leave our store feeling treasured as an individual.

Giving back to the community is very important to us! Because we treasure people, we will be sponsoring events and giving a portion of our proceeds to help local families that are going through difficult times. Watch our ‘Giving Back’ section for details on families and causes that we will be supporting.